Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ashton is so much fun right now. He is our little chunk! He is already laughing at himself, just like his Daddy and his older brothers. They all think that they are comedians! He is grabbing everything already, seems to soon for him to be grabbing things you are trying to work on. I have a feeling he is going to be a summer boy all the way. Makes sense seeing how he was born in June. He love to be wrapped in his blankets. The warmer he is the happier he seems.

Jagger's attitude has come out in full force. He is determined and stubborn. He keeps us on our feet...literally, if we sit down we are right back up pulling off of something, and out of everything. It seems like a box of cereal is dumped out everyday. All the boys are climbers, but he is by far the worst. Definitely all boy, if even you think it is put up high, or unbreakable, he as well as his brother's can prove you wrong! He is such a crazy boy right now and although hard, we are loving every bit of his personality.

Kaison started preschool this year. He was more than ready to go, we had no problem sending him. He is such a friendly little boy and loves to talk. His friend Emma is in school with him and he likes to treat her like she is younger and take care of her. It is quite cute to watch him. Drama has became the game he likes to play these days. When ever he is trouble, the tears start coming and something is ALWAYS hurting. How hard it is to handle all the time, we honestly get a good laugh at the way he acts. He is very entertaining to watch!

Mason is growing up way to fast, I can't believe how big he is getting. He is my little helper...sometimes a little to helpful. He loves to help his younger brothers and is always helping me. He loves to clean and fold clothes and vacuum, I hope that he never looses that quality. He also loves to help us with Ashton, and he truly is a life saver sometimes. He is really good at holding him and making him laugh. He is loving school and is doing very well in it. He keeps us smiling with his little jokes he has started to tell, and the things he has started making up.